Hunger, Habits, Humility

For IWUHoops, each season is a journey of men in the program trading the pursuit of me for the pursuit of 3.  Through intentional prayer, Bible study and community, God has continued to reveal new depths of an IAm3rd life.  

The 2016-2017 journey was one of a team filled with apathy learning to live a life marked by hunger, habits and humility.  Read Coach T's thoughts on this transformation HERE  

This offseason and preseason have seen IWUHoopers pursuing 'hunger, habits and humility.'   A pursuit of Hunger sets you in motion.  Habits keep you in motion.  Humility puts others in motion.  This pattern has taken some of the men in the program beyond mere growth and into transformation.  Over the next few weeks, we invite you to check back on the blog often to hear the stories of what the team is learning and who the players within the program are becoming.

Becoming A Hungry person


When I became a part of this program I really didn’t know why I was here or what was going to come of it. I can’t say I had a burning hunger to grow, but deep down, I knew I needed it.  I wanted to recapture that hunger that I had experienced at different times in my life.


It wasn’t until the Father/Son retreat when things started to click. The leaders on our team talked about each guy and what they had noticed in them through the first few weeks of school. It made me think about what people have noticed in me. What had I done that had motivated them or inspired them to work harder?  I began to really look at myself and the way I was living. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but there was another level I could go to if I was more intentional. Since the retreat, I’ve been growing in my hunger to change the people around me through how I am living.


During this season of growth, I am learning that I am wired to love people and I really do desire to have a positive impact on them. This hunger for others translates to my relationship with my girlfriend, family, friends, and teammates. As my focus has shifted off of myself, I have found myself pursuing God first and finding everything else falling into place.


I know I still have a lot of growth in order to accomplish big things, but I am finding more passion to do the little things that are necessary for the big things to happen.  Ultimately it is about pursuing God and finding his purpose for my life in order to grow the hunger he has put inside me.  As I continue to take one day at a time learning to live the IAm3rd life of God first and others second, I am moving forward with great hope and trust that He will take care of the rest. 

-Evan Maxwell, Junior