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Greg Tonagel


Greg Tonagel

Head Coach Greg Tonagel

Coach Tonagel was much more than just a coach to me. He and his staff not only stand for the right things, but they live the right way every day. I can truly say that although he was my coach, I also saw him as a father figure in my life. He challenged me to grow in ways I had never been challenged before.
— RJ Mahurin, Class of 2014
Coach Tonagel was an outstanding basketball player for us here at Valparaiso University, and it is not a surprise to me the outstanding accomplishments he has made for IWU. He knows the game, works hard, and relates extremely well to his players. He truly is one of the best young coaches in our profession.
— Homer Drew


  • 2014, 2016 and 2018 NAIA DII National Champions

  • 2014, 2016 and 2018 NABC/NAIA DII National Coach of the Year

  • 6-time Crossroads League Coach of the Year

  • 391-104 (.788) career record makes him the all time winningest coach at IWU

  • 199-59 (.771) Conference record

  • 9 Regular Season Conference Championships in the past thirteen seasons

  • 10 NAIA Quarterfinal appearances in the last twelve seasons--more than any school in the country

  • Has led Wildcats to top-6 NAIA ranking in each of the last twelve years

  • Has coached 19 NAIA All Americans and 31 All Conference players in his 15 seasons

  • Played in four NCAA Tournaments while at Valparaiso University

  • Has six children with his wife Amy (Jace, Will, Allie, Riley, Joel, and Abigail)


A typical Wildcat player is...

 A player who has a fearless commitment to excel in the pursuit of unselfish goals.

IAm3 is...

IAm3 is to pursue the life of Jesus —he lived in radical obedience to God and selfless love towards other people. This becomes the pattern our lives are to follow for true success and fulfillment.

Fearless is...

In life and athletics, fear will try and paralyze you.  You must learn to let go of security or control.  In those big moments you must choose between safety and courage.  The bottom line is this: 'greatness favors the fearless.'

What makes a team great?

The self focus of our age works against greatness in team sports.  It also works against greatness in one’s personal life.  The aim of our program is to flip that focus by redirecting young men to make God the primary pursuit of one’s life while also investing into the destinies of others.  When a man makes this critical change and begins to realize the potential within himself, but that it has to be invested into others to have its power fulfilled and purpose found—that’s when a man becomes great and a team finds greatness.  It truly is one of the greatest paychecks in coaching!  

What do you hope a player who plays at IWU gains from his experience...

If there is one memory that our players should have of our program it is this:  God was first.  God was central.  There was passion for putting God first in all things on and off the court.  And secondly, meeting the needs of others is a fun way to play ball and live life.  I hope the formula for success that they take with them to their workplaces and homes becomes, 'if you want to be 1st, first find a way to be 3rd!'

What is your approach to helping players reach their potential on the floor?

It is special to want to be great.  My role as a coach is to motivate greatness inside each player.  I want them to embrace the adversity in hard work with joy, because this is the path to success.  Walking alongside my players encouraging them through this process is what I call coaching.  


Greg Tonagel and Jeff Clark share at the Nations of Coaches Legacy Summit at the Chick-fil-A Leadership Center.

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Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark

Associate Head Coach Jeff Clark

Having Jeff Clark is like having another head coach on the bench. His strategic game planning has been instrumental in winning conference championships over the years. However, his influence goes far beyond X’s and O’s. He is a great coach of people. He knows how to lead young men to become the best they can be on and off the court.
— Greg Tonagel
Coach Clark is constantly displaying IAm3rd by how he coaches and treats his players. You know you will leave any conversation with him being challenged and encouraged by his godly wisdom.
— Jordan Weidner, Class of 2014


  • Has been on the bench for the 13 most successful seasons in IWU history where the Wildcats have an overall record of 374-91 (.804)

  • Has served in the role of Associate Head Coach for three national championships, a Final Four, and six Elite Eight runs in the NAIA National Tournament

  • IWU has been ranked in the top 6 in each of the 13 seasons he has been on the staff

  • Serves as the offensive coordinator, where the Wildcats have been #1 in the nation in points scored, FG%, 3FG% and assists over the past seven seasons

  • Focuses on post player development, where he has mentored a post player to 1st, 2nd or 3rd Team All-American in each of the past 9 years

  • Has been named INB News NAIA Assistant Coach of the Year 4 times in his role as recruiting coordinator

  • Has four children with his wife Tiffany (Josh, Caleb, Luke and Audrey)


Why IWU...

While our facilities and success speak for themselves, there is something deeper that is happening here.  The mission of IWU is legit--there is a shared purpose (from administration to coaches to players to support staff) to change the world for Christ.  Joining in this movement while playing for one of the best leaders in the nation in Coach T is an exciting opportunity!  

IAm3 is...

IAm3 is more than a catchy slogan--it's a discipleship process that turns into a way of life.  Our goal is to try to position every person affiliated with our program to move beyond knowledge of God and into experience of Him.  Whether it is putting a teammate before yourself in the heat of competition or serving a meal to a Dominican child who will not eat another meal during the day, as we experience God through putting Him first and others second, we can't help but be transformed into a person who lives an IAm3 lifestyle.

Fearless is...

Being fearless is a manifestation of IAm3 at the deepest level.  The Bible tells us that 'perfect love drives out fear.'  As we learn to love God and others perfectly, our focus turns away from the circumstances that motivate our fear and onto our belief in something greater than our circumstance.  This allows us to play and live in freedom.

What do you hope a player who plays at IWU gains from his experience?

What we pray separates the experience of an IWU athlete is that they become experts in helping a team thrive by making those around them better.  While we don't minimize the importance of acquiring more knowledge and information, we do not think the problems in this world are going to be solved merely through knowing more. We believe the biggest problems will be solved by groups of people who understand how to sacrifice personal glory and use their gifts and abilities together for a greater purpose than themselves.  Our program is designed to train our players in this.  If our athletes can go into their families, communities, churches, and professions with the understanding they will only achieve great things through the service of others, we will have succeeded at our jobs.


Greg Tonagel and Jeff Clark share at the Nations of Coaches Legacy Summit at the Chick-fil-A Leadership Center.

IWUHoops explains the mission behind ‘Greater’

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David Osborn

David Osborn

Assistant Coach David osborn

Coach Osborn embodies IAm3 better than just about anybody I have ever met. His pursuit of the Lord overflows into everything he does and allows him to empower everyone around him.
— Canaan Coffey, Senior


  • Third season on IWU Coaching Staff

  • Wildcats are 90-21 (0.811) in his time on bench, with one NAIA National Championship and one quarterfinalist finish

  • Works closely with point guards, helping Joel Okafor develop into Crossroads League Defensive Player of the Year

  • Spent two prior seasons as boys varsity head coach in Illinois

  • Graduated from General Electric’s Financial Management Program

  • Director with PGC Basketball

  • Played one season at Clarks Summit University

  • Student manager for two seasons for Indiana University Men's Basketball program

  • Lives with his wife (Amber), daughter (Landyn) and son (Decker) in Marion

Why IWU...

As I was considering making a move to college basketball, I put together a wish list of three things I was looking for in a program.  I wanted to find a place where I could serve. I wanted to find a place where I could learn and grow. And I wanted to find a program and community I could call my family. I learned really quickly that all three of those prayers were answered here at IWU.  My passion is to disciple young people through the game of basketball and I’m not sure there is a better place in the country for me and my family to be.

IAm3 is...

Luke 19:10 tells us that Christ came to “seek and to save the lost”. He died so that we may live. For this reason, we choose to put God first, others second, and ourselves third. IAm3 is about getting outside of yourself so you are able to see how you can lead. Christ was a servant leader. For this reason, in order to be the best leader you can be you must first serve others.

Fearless is...

Fearless is freedom.  Fear is limiting and can be exhausting.  We are often told that to find freedom, we should be able to do whatever we want and make our own rules, be whoever you want to be. We have found that the opposite is actually true. Fearless is freedom within structure. When we live an IAm3 life, putting God first and serving others and we live within the guidelines of his Word then we can be fearless. The same is true on the basketball court. When the players in the program care more about their teammates, the success of their teammates, and the overall success and elevation of the team for a greater good and they play within the guidelines given then they can live and play fearless.

What do you hope a player who play at IWU gains from his experience?

It is my desire that players who leave this program have grown. They can look back after their time in the program and see how the Lord has worked and moved in their life and how God has been glorified through hoops. It’s my desire that their time at IWU is transformational. It transforms their habits and what they hunger for. So when they start their career and their family and find themselves in a place far from Marion they can live out IAm3 and be fearless as they impact others the same way they were impacted and changed during their time in the program!

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Hudson Welty

Hudson Welty

Assistant Coach Hudson Welty

Coach Hud brings a contagious work ethic to the program. He pushes us as players to pursue growth in our relationship with Christ, in the weight room, and on the court. I am excited for him to lead us these next couple years!
— Kyle Mangas, Junior


  • 1st year on the coaching staff at IWU

  • Spent the 2018-2019 season as an assistant coach at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia

  • While at Covenant, the team broke the school record for winning percentage in a season and won their first regular season conference title in school history

  • Coached for MoKan Elite, a prestigious Nike EYBL grassroots program out of Kansas City, Missouri, in 2017 and 2018

  • Played 4 years for NAIA Hall of Fame Head Coach Rocky Lamar at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas from 2014-2018

  • Competed in 2016 NAIA Fab 4, 4 year starter, and 3 year captain for the Pioneers

  • Lead Clinician for Breakthrough Basketball Camps held throughout the country in the summer

  • Focuses on strength and conditioning, recruiting and player workouts

Why IWU...

IWU is completely counter cultural in the world of college athletics. Putting God first and others second in a fearless manner has led to on court success, but more importantly guys are being transformed into the men God has called them to be. Being a part of a program that is all about transformation is something to get excited for every day!

Iam3 is...

Simply put, Iam3 is putting God first, others second, and myself third. It is based solely on the Word of God and how Jesus lived. Jesus died to himself and lived out his love for God and love for others-which we try to emulate.

Fearless is...

Fearless is living out of complete confidence that our identity is not in anything or anyone other than Jesus himself. When we live with a God shaped identity, joy fueled aggression and freedom happen naturally.

What do you hope a player who plays at IWU gains from his experience?

I hope a player that plays at IWU experiences Jesus in a real way and grows in their relationship with Jesus and others during their time here. Through serving God and serving others, it is my hope they are transformed as men and athletes and can look back on their growth here as a fruitful time of their life propelling them into their futures. With this transformation I hope that they develop life long friendships with their teammates and unforgettable moments on and off the court.

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