#10 Kar Reng

Kar is one of those teammates you love to be around because of his high energy and joyful spirit!
— Grant Zawadzki, Sophomore
Kar’s laughter and kindness is contagious off the court. On the court he has proven that he never backs down.
— Nate Bubash, Senior


  • 6'4 Redshirt Freshman
  • Redshirt member of 2016 National Championship team
  • Member of 20-6 team as a senior at Wheaton North High School
  • Originally born in Sudan and also lived in Egypt


Why IWU...

I chose IWU for three reasons.  First, I knew it was a place with great people where I could make lifelong friendships.  Second, I wanted to grow in my faith and believed I would be pushed to grow in my walk with Christ.  Finally, my brother Dhiau goes to school and I knew coming here would be a great opportunity to build our relationship and have family away from home.

IAm3 is...

IAm3 is not just a saying that is 'preached' to us.  It is a liftestyle where you sacrifice for others without expecting a return.  Jesus spent his life sacrificing himself for the sake of others...in order to be first, you must put yourself third.

Fearless is...

It takes courage and passion to be fearless.  You must be willing to do everything wholeheartedly.  We all fall down but you get back up and face and conquer adversity.

The IWU coaching staff is...

I love the coaching staff.  They are so deep and everything is about so much more than basketball.  They don't only look to help us get better on the court but also build our character for the future.  They connect with the players on a personal level.  They are some of the greater people to impact my life.  

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