Diving into the Word and onto the floor

I’ll always remember how much we grew the week leading in to our national tournament run. 


I couldn’t believe how committed everyone on the team was on and off the floor. We had some of the toughest practices I can ever remember, but also some of the most meaningful prayer times.


The coaches really pushed us that week, and the practices were competitive.  Guys were diving on the floor and taking charges left and right.  But there was something even bigger going on off the floor.  The leaders on our team thought we should dedicate time every day to pray with a different teammate.  Each morning, they would send us a worship song and bible verse that they believed would have an impact on us and on our mindset as we got ready for the tournament.  We would then get with a teammate and worship to this song and pray through these Scriptures together.


Sitting down with a different teammate praying about various things helped us build unity and grow closer with that teammate on a different level.  Prayer became such a strong way to grow closer with our teammates and also with the Lord.  Having a team that wants to dive into the word, pray, and glorify God is something that I will never forget.

-Nate Bubash