I’ll always remember how different this team was from what cultural tells us a basketball team should be.


In today's college athletic scene, what with the myriad of media opportunities and social networking tools available, it is difficult for most athletes to avoid the pitfalls of self edification.  It is widely acceptable within our culture to point to ourselves after achieving athletic success, and taking credit for those successes. 


After winning our second national championship in three years, a far different approach was taken.  One of our Senior leaders, Josh Mawhorr, gathered the team and staff together almost immediately after the final horn for a prayer of thanksgiving and praise.  It was so moving to hear this large hulk of a man humble himself before God and praise Him for the miracles that have occurred in our midst during this memorable season. Not just athletic accomplishments, but miracles of spiritual transformation, restoration, and affirmation that were evident among us. 


This is the product of the "I am Third" culture that has been developed over the past eleven years, that seeks to mold men of character that will abide daily in the Lord, by living the Word and helping to transform a lost and dying world.  That may be counter cultural, but it sure is more satisfying to be a part of!

-Coach David Dimmich