powerful prayers

I’ll always remember praying with my dad the morning of the national championship game. 


Our team was focused all week in prayer.  Leading up to the trip and while we were in Branson, we would break up into small groups every night and pray. Sometimes these prayer times were led by coaches but usually they were led by players.   We prayed words straight from Bible verses, we prayed for our teammates, we prayed for our coaches, we prayed God would move in powerful ways and we prayed we would have courage to share what He was doing.  All of these times were very powerful and the Spirit was present at each one, but the prayer session that meant the most to me was the one I was able to share with my dad.


The morning of the National Championship game our dads were invited to our morning devo led by Jonny Marlin.  Jonny shared the Word and then had the players and their fathers break into groups and pray.


I remember the Lord tugging at my heart to give thanks for the impact my dad has had on my life, and as I prayed I took a trip down memory lane.  I thought about all the great times I have had with my dad, but also about the times that were not so great.  I thought about the times he was hard on me and expected so much from me.  In that moment of prayer, it was those times that I was most thankful for.  I am so thankful that God has given me a dad that pushes me to my limits every single day.  I am also very thankful that my dad has stuck by my side and always had my back no matter what—even those times when I am sure I was a handful for my parents!


This past year I have seen the Lord work in my dad in many different ways.  He has always been a great leader in my family and always made sure my mom, sister and I have had the necessities for a great life, but as he took his turn to pray, I was moved as I heard him give thanks for how the Lord has been working in his life.  It was a special and powerful moment that I will never forget. 


Cutting down the nets was awesome and getting that ring will be great, but one thing that I have really taken away during my first year at IWU--Prayer is powerful and God hears powerful prayers!  

-grant evans