The final prayer

I’ll always remember the last time the team prayed together.

Throughout the season we began every game with a huddled prayer. Lane had started this about halfway through the season, and it was always a meaningful moment. As we continued the post season, God became more and more central in the minds of everyone in our program. Everything we did connected back to the Lord.


Once we made it to Branson, it felt like the Holy Spirt was with us the whole time. It was such a surreal moment winning the national championship. But the part that hit home for me was when the buzzer went off, instead of going to claim our trophy, our senior leaders wanted to pray together and give all of our glory to God. We kneeled together as a team, and Josh Mawhorr thanked God—not for winning but for how He had moved through our team.


In that moment it felt as if nothing else mattered because, we came to do what we intended to do. On top of that I believe we showcased what a tightly bound team should look like, a team that puts God first, others second and ourselves. At the end of it all I realized that we didn't do it for ourselves. We really did it for him, because he is the one who gives us the the power to do anything, I found out that through Christ anything is possible. That's why I am 3rd.

-Kar reng