The Celebration

I’ll always remember what I was doing at 3 AM after winning the national championship.


I had wondered the night before what national champs do to celebrate…

Do they throw a party? Maybe. 
Do they pop bottles of champagne in the locker room? Maybe. 
Do they smoke a cigar like Michael Jordan did after his championships? Maybe. 
But that’s not how we celebrated our national championship.

I’ll never forget the emotions after we won. We couldn’t have been happier than that night. It was the ultimate accomplishment. Everything our team worked for, everything our team had to overcome was all rewarded with a national championship. 

After we cut down the nets I thought to myself “whats next?”  After hours and hours of work, how are we going to celebrate this national championship?

So, I was surpised when we celebrated by…sitting in our hotel rooms!


Pretty lame, right?


We stayed up till the break of dawn talking and investing in each other’s lives. There were some pretty amazing conversations that night between the guys. We stayed up reminiscing on everything we accomplished, everything we overcame. We talked about how we saw God work in our lives throughout the season

That wasn’t the coolest part.  I’ll never forget sitting with Coach Tonagel and Coach Clark in their room at 3 AM just talking about life.  Josh Mawhorr was there as well, and we talked about everything from basketball to God to relationships. It was one of the coolest moments I’ve had.


Here I am in college after winning a national championship and I’m in the coaches’ room talking about things with them that will make me a better servant of God, leader, basketball player, and future husband.  I mean, how cool is that?  What does that say about ‘The Heartbeat’ of our program?

They weren’t out partying, celebrating, getting hammered or doing things for themselves.  No, they were investing into my life.

That is how Indiana Wesleyan celebrates a National Championship.

And that’s why I’m so glad God brought me here

-Grant Zawadzki