The Offseason-Laying the Foundation

"40 Pounds?!"

Ben Carlson, Junior


40 pounds in 4 months?! 


Post-season meetings with the coaches are a time to have an open conversation with each individual player to evaluate the past year and set out a plan for future growth. When you have committed to the program by having an ‘IAm3rd’ attitude and ‘fearless’ mentality, these typically went smoothly. 


Mine, on the other hand, was one of those post-season meeting that no player wants to have.  The coaches spent the meeting pointing out that I was living in my comfort zone, and they concluded by giving me a goal that seemed impossible! 


Deep down, I knew the challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. In all areas of my life, I was taking the path of least resistance.  My perspective was too focused on the short-term and I was afraid of failure.  In the meeting, the coaches helped me see how the life I was living was not only hurting myself but also those around me.


I had been performing below expectations in just about every area of my life. My grades were poor, I had gained weight, I had regressed as a player, I was a bad friend…the list went on.  Ultimately, it all came out of a lukewarm relationship with Christ.  


I didn’t need a pep talk--I needed discipline. I needed growth. I needed transformation. The coaches had a plan in mind to get me on the right track.


The goal they gave me for the upcoming offseason was to lose 40 pounds.  This was not just a goal to give me a difficult, unattainable task. It was a goal to turn my whole life around.  The coaches saw that apathy was keeping me from impacting the lives of others in the way I was capable, and they were not going to let me fall short of my potential.