1st Half-(1:12)
On episode 3, Canaan Coffey shared the disappointment of missing the Man's Club. In this episode, Canaan talks about the way he responded to that failure. By the end of the season, Canaan was one of the most feared shooters in the nation, and he discusses the role that hunger, habits and humility played in his growth. He also takes listeners inside a key conference game when he played the best game of his career. 

2nd Half-(15:25)
Coach Tonagel reflects on watching Canaan's response to failure throughout the season. He shares how this team grew more than any he has ever coached throughout a season because of their buy in to the vision of pursuing hunger, habits and humility. He also gives insight into why his philosophy has shifted as a coach to believe that mentality trumps strategy, and gives an example of that from the season.


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