Go inside the locker room as Indiana Wesleyan Men’s Basketball trades the pursuit of me for the pursuit of 3.

Following the 2018 NAIA DII National Championships, IWUHoops released a 22 episode season of a podcast where listeners heard the story of the season through the eyes of the players and coaches.  

“Each year, it seems as though God takes us on a new journey deeper into the IAm3rd life and we are excited to share with others what happened with our team this season,” says Head Coach Greg Tonagel. “The response to the podcast last year blew us away. There were tens of thousands of downloads and we heard from coaches, administrators and leaders from all across the country who shared in our huger to trade the pursuit of me for the pursuit of three.  This is only growing our conviction that ‘IAm3rd’ is the best way to live and to lead.”


As a follow up to season 1, the next season of ‘IWUHoops presents The Pursuit’ will air beginning on Monday, May 20th and will release every Monday and Thursday through July.  Each episode will feature interviews with players and coaches talking about a specific part of the season.  Over the course of 23 episodes, the story of the entire season will be told. Topics like identity, fear, comfort zones, legacy, last second shots, and worship will be explored from the real life experiences and perspectives of coaches and players.


“It is evident that we are in an increasingly ‘Me1st’ culture where leaders are trained to look out first for their own interests as they make decisions,” says Associate Head Coach Jeff Clark.  “Based on the response to the first season of ‘The Pursuit’ it seems there is a corresponding hunger from leaders to hear the life giving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how it intersects with something like a basketball season.  Our hope is that by transparently opening up both the highs and lows from our program that more leaders will come to re-define greatness in their leadership context by making discipleship the driver of what they do.”

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