1st Half-(1:24)
Joel Okafor tells the story of his life. He shares about leaving his home in Nigeria at age 14, what it’s been like to not see his family for eight years. Joel shares transparently about some of the twists and turns along the way and what it means to be an overcomer in the face of real adversity. 

2nd Half-(18:46)
Coach T reflects on watching Joel’s growth, and discusses why having an IAm3rd attitude when dealing with adversity positions you for growth.

Coach T shares some practical insight in a response to Aaron, a dentist in Michigan. “Your program is a great model of putting vision into practice and creating a culture that anybody can learn from. Any advice/thoughts on resources to help cultivate that type of leadership?” Email jeff.clark@indwes.edu or #ASKIWUHoops any question to a coach or player for future episodes.

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