Assistant Coach Jordan WEiDnER

Coach Weidner is a player’s coach. He has been through it all as a player and getting to hear from that perspective has been great. He genuinely loves each and every person and it shows through his work ethic, intentionality and ability to motivate us.
— Jacob Johnson, Senior


  • 1st year on coaching staff of IWU
  • 1st Pick in 2014 NBL-Canada Draft
  • 2014-2015 1st Team NBLC All Rookie Team
  • 2014 NAIA Tournament MVP
  • 2014 NAIA 1st Team All American
  • 2014 Crossroads League Player of the Year
  • 2013 NAIA 2nd Team All American
  • 2013 Crossroads League 1st Team
  • 2012 Crossroads League 2nd Team
  • 2011 Crossroads League 2nd Team
  • Focuses on player development, recruiting and strength & conditioning

Why IWU...

IWU is a special place because it is not just about a degree or wins/losses on the court. It is a Christ centered program that puts more value on spiritual growth and discipleship than any win or loss of the season.  There is daily, intentional investment from the coaches, professors, trainers, and faculty that set this University apart from the rest. I am so excited to be back in this environment!

Iam3 is...

Iam3 was transformational in my life because it put action to Scripture. God first, others second, myself third was completely countercultural to the world I was living in. Through this lifestyle change, I was able to realize my platform for worship was through the game of basketball. My platform went from a good ball player to a kid who learned how to worship God through the game of basketball.  It changed my life!

Fearless is...

Fearless is the ability to live a life knowing no matter the outcome, your identity is found in something greater than yourself. A lot of times we are more hesitant to make decisions or take actions when our name or reputation is on the line. When we can realize everything we have is from the Lord and can place our identity in Him, it gives us the ability to live a fearless life.

What do you hope a player who plays at IWU gains from his experience?

I hope a player that plays at IWU experiences the importance of having a community of believers that push each other to be better in their spiritual journey. The beauty of this program is the tight-knit brotherhood. I have incredible memories of wins and losses all over the world, but the most memorable moments of this program come from off the court experiences where the group as a whole grows closer together and goes to a deeper level spiritually. 

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